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Kuja: Thanatophobia

The world will continue to exist without me.


Here’s the third piece in my Final Fantasy Villains series, Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.

His fear of death drives him to selfishness, where he believes that if he dies, nothing else should exist either. Kuja’s fear of death and despair manifests in Necron, the final boss that you have to fight.

I guess the modern equivalent of this is “if I’m going down, I’m bringing you all down with me.” I’ve been guilty of this sentiment before.

It’s a strange thrill. You have no control over your own fate, but you try to manipulate the story as much as you can before you finally disappear. It’s the brain’s last gasp to stay alive; to stay relevant; to stay remembered.

I can’t blame Kuja too much for that.

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