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Ultimecia: Nostalgia

we dream of a childhood
by the present

When you fight Ultimecia at the end, she says this:

“Reflect on your childhood. Your sensation. Your words. Your emotions. Time… it will not wait. No matter how hard you hold on, it escapes you.”

I think Ultimecia pined for the simpler, naive time of her childhood, and she manipulated time in order to recapture that feeling. She wanted to control time so that she could erase the persecution and stigma she faced as a sorceress growing up.

And even when she was at the peak of her power, she still couldn’t get her childhood back. Time still eluded her.

So here’s Ultimecia, remembering what it felt like to be truly happy, all those years ago.

Ultimecia is the fifth painting in my Final Fantasy Villains Series.

Thank you to my patrons:
Tamar, Jennifer, Val, Dustin, Naomi.