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Elaine Ho
Elaine Ho
Concept Artist and Illustrator
Los Angeles, United States


I am passionate about crafting fantastic worlds, filled with characters, props and environments that people want to transport themselves into. Characters, spaces and props can create a mood and tell a story.

I originally graduated with a degree in Psychology. After that, I took the LSATs and was about to send off my application for law school, until I decided that I wanted to do what I love, which was conceptualizing worlds through art. That decision has led me to my current path so far, and I love every second of it. My background compels me to delve deeply into the minds of characters and meticulously analyzing what makes a compelling story.

I previously worked as a concept artist for theme park design and virtual reality experiences.


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  • Concept Artist at Magnopus
    Los Angeles, CA, United States of America
    March 2015 - January 2017

    Clients: Facebook, NASA, Disney, The Getty, The Huntington, Lexus, California Science Center, Levi’s, USC Shoah Foundation

    Created thumbnails, sketches, color swatches, pitch art, graphic design, UI/UX concepts, logo design, orthographics, costume concepts and environmental layouts.

  • Concept Artist at Rhetroactive
    Los Angeles, CA, United States of America
    November 2014 - March 2015

    Clients: Universal Studios Hollywood, BBC, CCTV

    Created black and white and color POVs, landmark concepts, mood pieces, aerial views

  • Art Intern at BRC Imagination Arts
    Burbank, CA, United States of America
    July 2014 - September 2014

    Clients: Omran, Sun Center

    Created black and white sketches, entrance ideations, building elevations, aerial views

  • Art Intern at Thinkwell
    Burbank, CA, United States of America
    May 2014 - July 2014

    Clients: Warner Brothers, Universal Studios (Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

    Created black and white POVs, set dressing & prop concepts, color swatches, aerial views